Essential Service 7 – Link People to Services

Link people to needed personal health services and assure the provision of health care when otherwise unavailable

Assessment of Needs and Potential Uses of Telehealth Services in New Hampshire

Assessment of Needs and Potential Uses of Telehealth Services in New Hampshire Community Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI), with funding from the Endowment for Health and Dartmouth College, assisted The New Hampshire Telehealth Program with an assessment of needs, perceptions and readiness for greater development of telehealth services in New Hampshire. Surveys and focus groups were conducted with physicians and administrators from a broad spectrum of health care organizations across the State to gather information on their experiences, perceptions and interest in increased capacity for telehealth services. Findings and recommendations addressed such factors as knowledge and experience with telehealth Services; current availability of telehealth technology; future interest in and potential uses for telehealth; near term technology investment plans; and factors and strategies affecting telehealth utilization.

Feasibility Study of Homeless Population Billing for Manchester Area

Feasibility Study of Homeless Population Billing for Manchester AreaCommunity Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) was engaged by the Mobile Community Health Team Project (MCHTP) to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of billing insurers for its services to the homeless population around Manchester, New Hampshire. CHI/JSI staff performed a feasibility study for billing both Medicaid and Medicare, developing a fee schedule with a three-tiered sliding scale and developed a draft encounter form for documenting procedures and diagnoses to be used in billing.

Title III HIV Proposal Development

Title III HIV Proposal Development Community Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) wrote the successful grant proposal for operational funding of a Title III EIS program on behalf of a broad based collaboration of consumers and publicly-funded and private HIV health care providers. The New Hampshire Title III EIS project (called the Southern New Hampshire Integrated Care (I Care) program) brings together all HIV EIS service providers in Hillsborough County− both public and private− into a system of care. As a partner in a system of care, providers agree to work collaboratively in coordinating care on behalf of patients, routinely update HIV clinical guidelines and skills, and support a community-wide reporting and tracking capability for I Care clients.

Executive and Administrative Support for the Specialty Physicians Organization

Executive and Administrative Support for the Specialty Physicians OrganizationCommunity Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) provided executive and administrative support for a group of 50 specialist physicians in Southern New Hampshire. CHI/JSI established the Independent Physicians Association (IPA), forming a legal entity, formalizing relations with partners – including local hospitals and primary care providers – developing an organizational structure and operating procedures. The IPA Board of Directors retained CHI/JSI to manage and provide the essential operational functions for the organization, including the negotiation of managed care contracts, credentialing, incentive distribution, and coordination of medical management activities.

Project Management of the New Hampshire Technology Partnership

Project Management of the New Hampshire Technology Partnership Community Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) provided project management services to the New Hampshire Technology Partnership (NHTP). CHI/JSI worked with NHTP to develop a working prototype of a web-based central client data repository, which incorporated security authorizations for data sharing, and served as a repository for authorized agencies to make and retrieve client referrals.

Practice Management Review of Health Care Organizations

Practice Management Review of Health Care Organizations Community Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) has conducted numerous practice reviews of public and private health care organizations. These reviews include an assessment of staffing levels, provider productivity, financial management, revenue generation, and expenses, and recommendations for improving efficiency and effectiveness of general operations. Practice reviews have been completed for small, solo practices to large multi-specialty academic medical centers.

Development and Formation of Webster Place Recovery Center

Development and Formation of Webster Place Recovery CenterCommunity Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) provided oversight to the development and formation of the state’s newest residential recovery facility in Franklin, NH for adults seeking sobriety from alcohol and drug dependence. Successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Alex Ray tasked CHI/JSI with responsibility for incorporating Webster Place Recovery Center, including the formation of the Board of Directors, development of the bylaws, acquisition of nonprofit status with the IRS, and the launch of a national search for the center’s first Executive Director. CHI/JSI managed several initial workgroups for programming and marketing and continues to provide consultation and event logistics.

Strategic Planning of Manchester’s Sustainable Access Project

Strategic Planning of Manchester's Sustainable Access Project Community Health Institute/JSI (CHI/JSI) led the Manchester Public Health Department’s strategic planning initiative with the goal of developing an economically sustainable system of comprehensive, coordinated primary care for the most vulnerable resident’s of New Hampshire’s largest city. Faced with changing demographics and difficult economic factors, the health care system in Manchester was approaching a breaking point. CHI/JSI served as a catalyst to the city’s health care leaders helping them to identify and address a system for improvement resulting in the report Manchester’s Primary Care Safety Net: A Call to Action. The CHI/JSI continues to engage with the leaders in Manchester to manifest the changes highlighted in the document by providing technical assistance and research.

Facilitating a Planning Process for Education, Outreach and Enrollment for NH’s Insurance Marketplace

HealthrefromThe HNH Foundation contracted with the CHI to facilitate the development of a coordinated, NH-specific outreach plan to increase NH residents’ awareness of new opportunities to gain coverage through NH Insurance Marketplace.  It is widely acknowledged that education and outreach will be critical to ensure that NH residents are aware of the NH Insurance Marketplace when it opens on October 1st. To support implementation of the Marketplace, the CHI is conducting a Landscape and Data Analysis to 1) develop a preliminary picture of NH’s uninsured population, with a focus on identifying population segments potentially requiring distinct outreach activities; 2) document current and planned activities in NH that are designed to promote or could potentially promote the NH Insurance Marketplace to these population segments; and 3) identify evidence-based and promising education and outreach practices from other states and federal efforts.  The CHI will share the results of the analyses with all community partners and facilitate a planning process to ensure that all assets are efficiently and effectively allocated and that gaps are addressed.  The ultimate outcome of this process will be a Strategic Plan for Outreach and Education for the NH Health Insurance Marketplace.