Who We Are

The New Hampshire Community Health Institute (CHI) was established in 1995 by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services with funding provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The goal of the initiative was to provide access to expertise and resources to strengthen New Hampshire’s public health and health care system. The CHI continues to operate under the same mission and spirit for which it was initially established. It has established itself as a key contributor to the public health and health service delivery system in the state.

The CHI benefits from its relationships with JSI Research and Training Institute (JSI) and the National Networks of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI). The CHI is an office of JSI, a research and consulting firm dedicated to providing quality technical and managerial assistance to health and human services organizations throughout the world. Since its establishment in 1978, JSI has become a recognized leader in the implementation of improvements in primary care and public health, health policy, health care delivery, including maternal and child health, teen pregnancy prevention, family planning, HIV care, and substance abuse services. Through its focus on health policy, program evaluation, clinical care, prevention, training and management consulting, JSI applies practical, technically sound and innovative solutions to the challenges facing policy makers, health care agencies, and community-based organizations in both the public and private sectors for nearly a quarter century. JSI is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with offices throughout the United States, providing a national presence. The full resources of JSI, including over 4500 expert consultants, are available to the CHI as needed.

In 2001, the CHI was designated the State of New Hampshire’s Public Health Institute and is an original member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes. As a Public Health Institute, the CHI promotes multi-sector activities resulting in measurable improvements of public health structures, systems and outcomes. The National Network of Public Health Institutes was formed in 2001 to facilitate public health institutes in their efforts to address critical and emerging public health issues. Public Health Institutes receive support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the NNPHI to strengthen the public health infrastructure in the United States.