What We Do

Our projects demonstrate our commitment to promoting healthier lives for everyone in the region. The following are services we provide in accordance with our mission.

Strengthening the Public Health Infrastructure:
A strong public health infrastructure is the foundation for protecting and promoting the public’s health. The CHI works with communities and state agencies to strengthen the delivery of the 10 Essential Public Health Services.

Evaluating Program Effectiveness and Promoting Best Practices:
The CHI assists organizations to improve program effectiveness using proven quality improvement techniques to benefit the public’s health, drawing on the best available research, resources, and expertise from the private, public, and academic sectors.

Identifying Community Health Concerns:
The CHI conducts needs assessments to identify high priority health concerns using analysis of data sources and community input through surveys, focus groups and community forums.

Increasing Access to Health Care Services:
The CHI works with clients to promote access to essential health care services for all persons regardless of income, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Developing Informed Public Policy:
The CHI assists state and local agencies in developing informed public policy.

Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Health Services Delivery:
The CHI provides assistance to health care organizations and systems of care in all aspects of practice management. We conduct operational assessments for organizations ranging from small single physician primary care practices to large multi-specialty medical centers, including analysis of productivity, staffing levels and financial viability.

Promoting Healthy Behaviors:
The CHI assists clients in supporting consumers to lead healthier lives through educational forums, practice-based interventions, and internet-based support services.